Creating an account with LODE may be easily completed either online at, or from within the LODEapp Wallet once it has been downloaded and installed on a mobile device.

The account with LODE is created once you complete a basic sign-up process, including accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service, GDPR, and all other specified conditions.

To successfully complete setting up your account with LODE, you must first create an account by registering your first and last name, email, and password online at Then, you must login to your Members Portal dashboard and update your profile information.

Affiliate Referral Links

If you have received an "Affiliate Referral Link" from an existing member of LODE, you will need to register and create your account with LODE online at, using the referral link.

This requirement is part of LODE's "Affiliate Referral Program", whereby you and the existing member who introduced you to the LODE Project can earn extra AGX Coins for helping the Project grow.

If you do not have an "Affiliate Referral Link" from an existing member of LODE, you may choose to register and create your account from within the LODEapp Wallet, or register and create it online.

This tutorial will focus on creating an account with LODE online at

⚙️ Please Note ⚙️

It is recommended that you confirm the operating system software on your device is up to date before proceeding with any of the tutorials.

Let's Get Started!

🎓 Create an Account with LODE Online Prior to Downloading the LODEapp Wallet 🎓

Step 1: Open a browser window on your mobile or desktop device. It is recommended that you use Chrome.

If you have an "Affiliate Referral Link" that you received from a member, please copy and paste it into the URL address bar and then tap return.

If you have no "Affiliate Referral Link", please type "" (without the quotes) in the URL address bar and then tap return.

Step 2: When the "Register Your Account" page opens, you will be asked to provide the following information to complete your sign-up process.

  • Company Account ✅

  • Username

  • Email address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Password 🗝

  • Confirm your password

  • Country

  • Phone number

✅ Please Note

If you intend to register a company for an account with LODE, please be sure and tap on the empty box in front of the term "Company Account" as the "Know Your Business" (KYB) requirements for a company are different from those for an individual.

🗝 Please Note

If you are registering your account on a mobile phone, you will need to scroll down the page to view the Password Requirements located at the bottom.

Step 3: Tap on the little red box, which will turn blue to confirm that you understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of Service, Privacy Policy, and GDPR.

🛎 Please Note 🛎

Your agreement to the "Terms and Conditions of Service, GDPR" and all specified conditions are required to create your LODE account.

Step 4: Once you have provided all the requested information and agreed to the "Terms and Conditions of Service", tap on "Next" at the bottom of your screen.

A screen displaying "REGISTRATION COMPLETE" and "Check your Email to Activate your Account" will appear.

In the upper right corner of the LODE banner, you should see "Account Created".

Step 5: Locate the email sent to you and tap on the "Click here to activate your account" tab.

👩‍💻 Please remember to check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.

You should see the following screen that displays the phrase, "Activation complete, you may now login".


You have successfully created your LODE Account, and you will now be automatically redirected to the Members Portal login page to complete your sign-in process.

On LODE's Members Portal login page, you will see your email address is already entered into the "Username / Email" field.

Step 6: Enter your "Password" and then tap "Sign In", and you will be taken to your Dashboard page.

Your next step is to update the information on your Profile page. There are two methods you can use to access your Profile page from your Dashboard.

a) Tap on "GO TO MY PROFILE", under the heading, "NOTIFICATIONS"; or,

b) Tap on the avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then tap on "Profile Settings".

Step 7: Locate your Profile page, enter your full mailing address including "City" and "Postal Code" then tap on "Update Info".


You have now successfully completed setting up your LODE Account.

To proceed to your next tutorial, please tap the appropriate blue banner below.

🤔 More questions?

Take a look at the full list of step-by-step procedures provided for the LODE Community.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Support Team by tapping on the chat icon (see image below) located at the bottom right of your screen at

Alternatively, you can also email with your full name, username, LODE ID#, and the email address that you provided when you created your account with LODE.

Please provide a detailed explanation of the issue that you are having, and someone from the Support Team will contact you within one business day.

Thank you for supporting the LODE Project.

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sound, secure, and stable.

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