Link your LODEpay Wallet to your LODEpay Member Account

Now that you have successfully set up your LODEpay Wallet and have your LODEpay Member Account registered, you can now link them together.

Step 1: If you are not already on your "My Assets" homepage, please login to your LODEpay Wallet.

Step 2: On your "My Assets" screen scroll down the page and tap on the blue banner that displays “Link Your LODE Account”.

Step 3: Tap on Option 2 – "Link your Existing Account".

Step 4: Enter your "Username" or "Email" and "Password" for your LODEpay Member Account and then tap on “Connect”.

Step 5: Enter your 6-digit "PIN" that you created and recorded at the start.

If you have successfully linked your LODEpay Wallet to your LODEpay Member Account you should see your "My Assets" page on the next screen.

When you scroll down to the blue LODE banner, you will see the words "TOTAL BALANCE" displayed and the current book value of any LODE Tokens held.

🤔 More questions?

Take a look at the full list of step-by-step procedures provided for the LODE community.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the support team by tapping on the chat icon (see image below) located at the bottom right of your screen on your LODEpay Member’s Portal and at

Alternatively, you can also email with your full name, username, Lode ID number and the email address you have recorded in your members portal, and provide a detailed explanation of the issue you are having, and someone will contact you within one business day.

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