Whether you have lost or forgotten your 6-digit PIN code, or your current device was compromised, or you have a new device, or wish to clone your current wallet on to another device, you can always restore your LODEpay Mobile Wallet by following these thirteen easy steps.



Step one: Make sure you have the latest version of the LODEpay Mobile Wallet downloaded from the app store.

Step two: Locate and tap on the LODEpay icon on your mobile device.

Step three: Tap on the arrow at the bottom of each screen on the next three LODEpay promotional advertisements.

Step four: On the next page tap on the “Restore” option.

Step five: You must read and accept the Terms of Service.

To accept the Terms of Service Agreement, you must scroll through the text of the Agreement to the end in order for the “Agree” tab to light up so you can tap it.

Step six: You will be required to “Set up your PIN.”

The system will ask you to enter a 6-digit pin-code that you will use to access your wallet and it’s services.

You can enter a new 6-digit pin-code or use your original 6-digit pin-code if you prefer for restoring your original mobile wallet.

If you are going to enter a new pin-code, choose your six numbers and make a written note of your code before entering the numbers on the pin pad.

Please store your PIN-code in a safe and secure place for future reference when needed.

Step seven: You will be asked to confirm your PIN.

Step eight: You will then be asked to enter your original 12-Word Recovery Phrase.

You will be required to enter the 12 words in the same order as you had previously written them down during your original mobile wallet set-up.

Do this carefully, making sure the order and the spelling of each word is correct, and that you create one space only between each word (no space before the first word or after the last word... and do NOT use the "Return" key during this process), and then tap “next”.

If the “My Assets” home screen appears, congratulations, you have successfully restored your LODEpay Mobile Wallet.

The only thing you have left to do now is to link your restored wallet to your LODEpay Members Portal account again.

Step nine: Tap on the hamburger icon. (The three horizontal lines to the left of My Assets)

A half screen will slide out from the left.

Step ten: Tap on “My Settings”

Step eleven: On the next screen, "Link or Create a LODEpay account", tap on Option 2, “Link your Existing Account”

Step twelve: Enter your LODEpay Members Portal account username or email and password then tap on “Connect”.

Step thirteen: On the "LODE Link Confirmation" screen, enter your your 6-digit PIN code that you created.

If the “My Assets” home screen appears, congratulations, you have successfully linked your restored LODEpay Mobile Wallet to your LODEpay Members Portal account.

Thank you for supporting the LODE Project...

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