Why is The Project Called “LODE”?

The MOTHER-LODE is a principal vein -- or zone of veins -- of Gold or Silver ore. Ambitious placer miners follow gold-bearing sands upstream to discover the source. This source is called the “Mother” of the Gold in the river, and so was dubbed the “Mother Lode”. The term is also used colloquially to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance. This is how the LODE Project derived its name because of its close relation to Gold and Silver and its vision to see mass adoption of digital Silver and Gold as money.

What is The LODE Monetary System?

The LODE Monetary System aims to restore Silver and Gold to its prominence as money by pioneering the Digital Money System powered by blockchain. The project is backed by a global, decentralized group of sound money advocates that believe Silver and Gold can serve as an affordable, verifiable, and secure store of value, and that when “tokenized” upon the blockchain, becomes a superior medium of exchange.

Why Should I Participate in LODE?

Millions of sound money advocates around the world hold tens of millions of ounces of investment-grade Silver or Gold as a safe and secure buffer against any potential economic collapse. Most, if not all, store their metals in traditional ways such as in home safes, vaults and banks. Most of those holdings are in Silver, which has been sitting idle for many years.

The LODE Project offers sound money advocates an opportunity to be part of the honest money system that LODE is building and help restore Silver and Gold to its rightful place as sound money.

If you share this vision, You can be a virtual stakeholder in the LODE Monetary System by acquiring LODE by either sending a portion of your idle silver or gold and acquire LODE Tokens as a speculative investment and benefit from the potential revaluation of the LODE Token as well as receiving periodic micro-payouts every 52 days from the net profits generated from the various revenue streams within the LODE Business model.

How does the LODE Project work?

After creating an account, LODE members invest and acquire LODE Tokens by either sending some of their existing silver or gold bullion or buying from the LODE Vault.

Contributors then receive LODE Tokens equivalent to the prevailing rate and they can be confirmed as purchased in their LODE members portal by logging in with their username and password.

The secured investment, by either buying or delivering silver or gold, is then digitally recorded on the blockchain and enables the creation of digital silver coins, AGX and digital gold coins, AUX.

AGX/AUX Coins are then enabled for customers to buy through their LODEpay mobile Wallet or Crypto exchanges.

The proceeds from selling AGX/AUX Coins are used to buy more silver, which is then used to mint more AGX/AUX Coins.

Using blockchain technology, the LODE Project ensures that the supply of investment-grade silver bullion is made transparent and verifiable to ALL LODE Users at ALL times. It also provides certain rights and claims upon the silver as represented by two “tokens”, (the Lode Token and the AGX Coin) each uniquely and individually controlled by the holder through private encryption keys.

How Do I Create a LODE Account?

Opening an account with LODE is Free and it can be done directly by registering at https://members.lode.one/register. Complete your profile information and your account will be activated and ready to acquire LODE Tokens, AGX and AUX Coins.

How is LODE Governed?

LODE1 Anstalt is a reporting entity in Liechtenstein with its holding operation, having an operational Token minting in Austria, a Cayman entity (superior physical asset protection) overseeing the custody of LODE's bullion, and management operations/corporate finance in a UK operation. All of this is 100% owned by the Liechtenstein entity which in turn is 100% owned by the Lode Token holders. To learn more about the Governance and structure refer to the LODE Business Model Document in your LODE members portal.

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