If you want to receive AGX or AUX from someone else, you will be required to provide them with your Public Key Address, its like your personal Silver and Gold Accounts.

The steps to locating your Public Key Address in your LODEpay mobile wallet are as follows:

Step one: Open your LODEpay Mobile Wallet app by tapping on the LODEpay icon located on your mobile device.

Step two: Login into your LODEpay Mobile Wallet by entering your six-digit PIN.

Step three: On the "My Assets" screen, tap on either the AGX or AUX banner.

Step four: Tap on the “Receive” tab.

Step five: Locate your unique mobile wallet Public Key Address.

Step six: Tap on the “copy” tab.

Step seven: From here you can “copy” and “paste” your Public Key Address into an email or text message and share it with others who are sending AGX or AUX coins to your LODEpay Mobile Wallet.

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