There may be a situation where you need to change the email address connected to your LODEpay Members Portal account.

(Note: Please ensure you have access to your old email address in order to successfully complete your email address update)

It is important that you follow the following steps carefully to ensure that you continue to receive your LODEpay newsletters and updates once you have updated your email address.

Step one: Login to your LODEpay Members Portal account with your Username or Email, and Password.

Step two: Tap on the head and shoulders avatar in the upper right area of your dashboard screen.

Step three: Tap on "Profile Settings" on the drop down menu.

Step four: Locate the “Basic Information” section on your profile page, which will include your current email address.

Step five: Delete the old email address and insert your new e-mail address.

Step six: Tap the "Update Info" button at the bottom of the page.

Step seven: You will see your new e-mail address change back to the old email address.

** This is normal.

Step eight: Check your old email address for a “confirmation” email with a "confirmation" link asking you to “confirm” the change to your new email address.

Step nine: Visually confirm the change has taken place by logging back into your LODEpay Members Portal account. (See step one)

Step ten: Open your "Profile Settings" page. (See steps two and three)

Step eleven: Check the "Basic Information" section to confirm that your new email address is now recorded there. (See step four)

If the changeover was not successful, please contact the LODE Community support team through the message chat line (blue and white circle in the lower right corner) or through for further direction.

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