Buy AGX with any major credit card

Buying AGX couldn't be simpler with the LODEPay Mobile Wallet. Alternatively, see instructions further below to buy AGX/AUX from the members portal (please note that using the members portal for your purchase could take a few weeks to process).

Open your LODEPay Mobile app, connect the wallet to your LODE account, and click on the menu button at the top left of the screen. Then choose the "Buy AGX or Buy AUX" option to make your purchase.

Click the "PURCHASE A SILVER CARD" button

Enter all the information requested in the form and click "CONTINUE":

3. Read the "terms of use" and on the box to put a checkmark next to "I accept the terms of use". Click on the blue "Pay Now" button to proceed with a credit card purchase or the blue "Pay by Wire" button to set up a wire transfer or click on the grey "Multiple Cryptocurrencies Accepted via CoinPayments" button to buy with digital currencies.

Make the payment (3 options)

Pay by Credit Card

An order form will appear, enter your information and credit card details and click "Next" to submit your order.

Pay by Cryptocurrency:

An order form will appear, enter the requested information and click "Pay using CoinPayments" to submit your order.

Pay by Bank Wire Transfer:

Click on the currency you would like to use (USD, EUR, GPB) for your wire transfer to get the instructions for the receiving account, follow the instructions provided by your financial institution to proceed with the wire transfer.

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