If you haven't already done so, make sure you sign up for a business account on LODEmarkets.com by following this procedure.

  1. Visit LODEmarkets.com login and open your Control Panel by clicking on the gear icon at the top left of the page

2, Click on the tag icon and select the "Add Travel Listing" option

3. Enter the Name of the offering, a Short Description, a longer Full Description (and click on the checkmark next to "Featured Item" if applicable).

4. Select the "Listing Type" by clicking on the radio button next to your selection. "Shopping cart" allows you to set a specific price for your offering, if the price is not specific, select "Reservation Form".

5. Under "Post this item for*", select the amount of time you would like your offer to be valid for, you can choose from 1 day to 360 days.

6. If applicable, enter pertinent, important booking information your clients should know about.

7. Enter the price you charge for your listing in AGX under the "Price" section. Alternatively, enter "0.00" to display "Variable Pricing" on your listing.

8. Enter the "Quantity available" for the offering.

9. Enter the Location, Unit Type(if applicable). click on the box next to "Category*"  to select the category of the offering.

More info (not mandatory)

The following fields are not mandatory, however the best approach is "more is better" so your potential customer has the information they need to make a purchase.

10. Under "Rate Matrix", enter the different rates for your offering based on different seasons if applicable. Under "Season", indicate if it is the high, mid or low season, enter the date for each season and enter the according rate for that season. If you do not fill this section out, the rate from the "Price" section will be constant for your offering.

11. Enter the "Contact Details", "Email", "Phone number", related "tags" to help users find your product, "Select Country" by either choosing "All Countries" or the specific country where the offering is available (if choosing a specific country, also enter the "City" and "Postal Code" if applicable).

12. Upload up to 6 images of the items (Max image size: 180w x 200h).

13. Review your info and click on "Save Changes" when you are done.

Congratulations! Your listing is now "active" on the LODEmarkets.com marketplace. The offer now appears on the "Offers" section (accessible at anytime by clicking on the star to the left of the page).

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