NOTE: It is important you remain aware of this as you are the ONLY one who can secure your keys adequately.  


If you have created a paper wallet to initially receive your tokens and coins when they are released, the recommended method for retiring that paper wallet after you have imported your private key into the desktop wallet, or some other context, is to simply delete or destroy all copies of the paper wallet. This can be done by visiting the "receiving addresses" screen and validating the public address related to you paper wallet is present after you import the key.

The process is as follows:

  1. Open your desktop wallet

  2. Import your paper wallet private key using the menu at the top of the screen.. "wallet>private key"

  3. Paste/type your private key into the dialog box.

  4. Click OK.  You should get a confirmation saying the key was imported successfully.

  5. Close and reopen the desktop wallet.

  6. Then visit the "Receiving address" screen and validate you have a new address present which matches the public address from your paper wallet.

  7. You can now destroy the paper wallet (and all copies, if any)


You can use a couple of backup methods to secure and store your file/private keys including:

1. Use the "wallet >dump wallet" pathway from the menu bar in your Lode Desktop wallet (currently not shown yet pending wallet enabling) to backup and securely store the resulting file (your private keys) in a cloud system. You can then reimport the file using the  "wallet>import wallet" pathway. This method WILL NOT retain password encryption if you have encrypted your wallet.

2.  Use the "wallet >dump wallet" pathway from the menu in your Lode Desktop wallet. (currently not shown yet pending wallet enabling) to backup and store the resulting wallet.dat file on a USB drive. You can then reimport this file by closing the wallet, dropping the file into your Syscoin data directory, and restarting the wallet. This method WILL retain password encryption if you have encrypted your wallet. 

3.  Use the key icon (dump private key tooltip) next to your address in the "Receiving address" screen and securely back the resulting text up on a printed piece of paper or in a secure cloud storage solution. (This option # 3 will be added at a later date.)

Ensure that you secure the resulting wallet file or private key(s) in a secure location that can be accessed if your current computer fails. By following these steps, your wallet can be recovered on any machine, even if your original computer or other device becomes damaged, lost or inaccessible.


If you lose access to the machine you have been running LODE desktop on, AND you lose or do not have access to your wallet dump file, there is nothing that can be done to recover your tokens and coins, It is your sole responsibility to backup and securely store your private keys somewhere secure, like an offline USB drive.

Have questions? Take a look at the full list of step-by-step procedures provided for the LODE community. 

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the support team by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen (see image below).

Alternatively, you can also email with your full name, username, Lode ID and email you use for the members portal, providing a detailed explanation of the issue you are having and someone contact with you within a business day.

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